Get You Hair Silky Smooth

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Get You Hair Silky Smooth

From straight to curly, from short hair to long, having the ability to be able to run your fingers through smooth, moisturized, hair, feels like you have your life put together (even though maybe….not?). However, if your hair is not at that peak state yet and you are not sure why your hair is feeling rough, dry, tangled, and frayed, don’t fret. In this article we will go over some reasons why your hair may be not at peak performance, and how to get it there!

Why Is My Hair Not To Par?

Well there may be a few reasons for this to happen,

  • Dry hair may be because of your location of where you live. Maybe your hair is resistant to the climate of your area, if this is so, your hair may need some extra moisturizing, with extra conditioning or, with some oils such as Oway smoothing fluid – a restorative elixir that penetrates the hair follicle to tame the hair.
  • Frayed/frizzy hair may be because of too much exposure to heat such as curling irons, straighteners, or too much chemical reactions from bleaching your hair. All these can break off hair and make it weak and frayed to the point where it falls out and looks wispy at the ends. In order to bring this dying hair back to life, the person must slow the use of the hot iron. People may like the way that straightened or curled hair looks, however, would you rather deal with your natural healthy hair, or create damaged hair that looks bad? Oway has products you can use to create the smoothness you want using the smoothing hair products mentioned in the next few paragraphs. .
  • Easily tangled hair is most likely a combination of the two, with exception to people with naturally thin or curly hair. For naturally thin hair, some products that would be best for this type would be to strengthen the hair, so it falls on its own instead of clinging onto other weak hair, causing it to knot up. For curly hair, the smoothing products below would help the hair separate and smooth itself out leaving silky, manageable curls.

What can I do to help my hair?

Like mentioned above, for the damaged hair such as dry hair, it needs more moisture and Oway has a combination of products that will get your hair looking and feeling soft and smooth.

  • First product we will mention is the Smoothing hair bath. It eliminates frizz creating an ideal surface for smooth styling; creating a controlling volume for perfectly smooth hair. It contains Ethical Buriti – This prevents dehydration of the hair, revitalizing it and making it strong and shiny.
  • In collaboration with the product above is the Smoothing Conditioner which Softens and de-tangles dry, hard-to-manage hair; it also controls volume and frizz. It contains Organic Rose – Rich in anti-oxidants, carotenoids, vitamins and phytosterols, it has a strong refreshing and antioxidant action.
  • Next is the Smoothing Cream which is a No-rinse smoothing cream for dry, hard to manage, un-tamable hair. It gives extreme smoothness even to most difficult to treat hair and prepares hair for straightening making it easy to manage during styling. For best results Apply by massaging onto clean, wet hair then proceed with styling.
  • Last is the Smoothing Fluid which is a no-rinse smoothing fluid for dry, hard to manage, un-tamable hair. Heat-resistant, it protects the hair fiber and ends from the hair-dryer and straighteners. It bestows shine and silkiness. Organic Rose – Rich in anti-oxidants, carotenoids, vitamin and phytosterols, it has a strong refreshing and antioxidant action. To Apply this product, dry your hair partly, add one to two pumps of the oil on your hand. Rub it, and then spread over your hair. Brush your fingers through your hair to make sure the Smoothing Fluid gets evenly distributed, then finish drying for silky soft results.

We covered what types of hair may prevent the smooth hair you desire such as dry hair, frayed/frizzy hair, and tangled hair. Then, we listed for each of the products that will help fix these such as Smoothing Hair Bath, Smoothing Conditioner, Smoothing Cream, and Smoothing Fluid. We want everyone to have the hair they desire, and I stand by the products I use to make customers happy in my hair practice. I believe these products and tips will help you on your silky-smooth hair goals. Helping to create healthy hair naturally is our mission and we want to help you achieve yours. From all of us here, we hope you find health and happiness in your hair journey.

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