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Sun Protective Elixir


Nourishing sun oil with protection from UV rays.
Nickel Tested.

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 Sun Protective Elixir

We Can SHIELD + SHINE from Sun

Sun Protective Elixir shields hair from the damaging effects of the sun, salt and chlorine. Also, it prevents hair color from fading and damage caused by the UV rays by using Biodynamic Green Anise an all-natural UV filter that guards hair color against fading and dryness ay the same time eliminates cancer-causing free radicals. Additionally, a nourishing blend of Organic Baobab Oil has a unique composition that deeply penetrates the cortex, therefore improving elasticity and softness, while forming a protective shield around the hair shaft. At the same time, Fair Trade Passionfruit Oil adds protection and shine because it is rich in Vitamin C and nourishing fatty acids that moisturize and increase the hair’s vitality. Moreover, Avocado Oil high antioxidant content and nourishing capacities make it great for replenishing dry, dehydrated hair.

Easy To Use:

Spray onto hair before exposure to outdoor elements like the sun, salt, pool, and sand You can see more here.

Signature Scent: Energizing blend of pure essential oils of Biodynamic Lemon and Fennel.

Size: 100m

Our amazing sun-protective elixir Can do all This:

With added benefits of being Non-greasy, and will not weigh hair down. As always our products are Nickel Tested.

Prevents hair color from fading and damage caused by the UV rays

Guards against damage caused by the sun, chlorine, salt, and sand

Adds softness, nourishment, and shine to any hair type

Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

In Conclusion our product does not contain:



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