Strong, Bold, Courageous Hair

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Strong, Bold, Courageous Hair

In my field, and just observing the hair of people I meet, there are those hair types that seem weaker, and need extra love. We are here to help with the hardships that comes with soft, thin, fragile hair. If you are one of these people, or just a person who would want to make their hair, just a little stronger, we have some hair care tips and products that may help.

My personal tips that I give clients to improve hair health are vitamins. I have worked with hair for 20+ years, I know that hair is sometimes a reflection of what is going inside our bodies. I suggest biotin, omega oils and prenatal vitamins. Biotin is vitamin B7 which plays a crucial role in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, stimulating growth and strength to hair, skin, and nails. Omega 3 oils improves skin health by supporting tissue reproduction, and cardiovascular health. Omega 3 is the best for helping the hair follicles, and promoting hair growth, by keeping healthy fats so that your hair is nourished with natural oils to help with scalp maintenance, and dry flaky skin.

In addition to that, hair, skin and nails are fast growing cells, and therefore have a short life cycle and our body is constantly trying to create these cells. Taking prenatal vitamins can help you to get all of those crucial nutrients that your body may be lacking. Vitamins are needed to stimulate such growth including vitamin A, zinc, and manganese, niacin etc. which together all help to create the optimal health of our bodies. Sometimes we overlook all these minor vitamins and minerals, and as a result, weakened hair may be the call for help that some of these nutrients may be lacking in your diet. To ensure all these nutrients reach your body, start by taking prenatal vitamins, and see what happens to the health of your hair. With a healthy nutritional diet and some helpful vitamins, these can do your hair wonders.

Now that we have taken a look of the health of the inside to the outside of our bodies, let us see what we can do to give nutrients from the outside-in. Here are some Oway products that help many with the growth and strength of their hair, such as the Rebuilding Hair Bath, and Rebuilding Hair Mask. This set of products are designed for very damaged hair, with poor fibers, rough and porous structures. It gives treated and damaged hair more structure. The Rebuilding Hair Bath is a shampoo that strengthens the hair fiber against external aggressions. The Rebuilding Hair Mask is a mask that you apply to damp hair and distribute evenly and leave on for 5-10 minutes before you rinse thoroughly. This product restores protein material to the hair, repairing and sealing the cuticle. Soft, moisturized hair perfectly rebuilt from the inside. Another Product set that is helpful to use is the Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath, Frequent Use Conditioner, and the Phytoprotein Mist. People with thin hair usually need to wash their hair more often than the average hair. Therefore, my recommendation is the use the frequent use set. These are suitable for all hair and scalp types, even the most sensitive. The Phytoprotein Mist instantly detangles with toning and silking actions. The Chestnut proteins contained in Phytoprotein Mist add nourishment and energy to your hair with vitality and life. Together these products naturally help to refine the hair follicle and create new life for the hair you love.

These tricks, tips and products are ways to give self-help and achieve the hair you desire. To recap on what was discussed:

  • Vitamins and minerals are crucial to the wellbeing of your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Your body is connected in many ways, and in order to fix one section of the body, one may have to look at another section, such as how vitamins, diet, and hair are linked.
  • Vitamins suggested to take are B7, Omega 3, and Prenatal (which have vital vitamins and minerals)
  • Beneficial products include: The Rebuilding Hair Bath, and Rebuilding Hair Mask, as well as the Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath, Frequent Use Conditioner and the Phytoprodein Mist.

Helping to create healthy hair naturally is our goal, and we want to help you achieve yours. From all of us here, we hope you find health and happiness in your hair journey.

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